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Wendy Stylee

Prior to and throughout the history of the DVAE Facebook page, multiple posts were made by an online pseudonym account under the name 'Wendy Stylee'. Wendy was active not only against the victim, but also a number of others involved in men's and father's rights in Australia. Despite being banned and blocked from a number of pages on Facebook, even Destroy The Joint which was administered by a friend of some 30 years, Wendy continued to spread her venom throughout the Facebook community. Wendy Stylee (or Styles) is in fact a NSW woman by the name of Nijole Cork. Read on for more details.

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Wendy Stylee is a highly recognisable (and quite obviously feminist) activist who has been openly involved in campaigns such as Take Down Julien Blanc. Wendy is friends with key profiles from the Single Parents Action Group, which includes women like Kate Borland (Greens candidate), Terese Edwards (CEO for The National Council of Single Mothers and their Children), Bronwyn Rees aka 'Breeze RJ' (RISE Qld), Jill Lyall, Jitana Lyall, and Lanz Priestly (Occupy Sydney). She is also strongly linked to Adele Welsh (Australian Services Union) and reports a 30 year friendship and activist association with one of the admins of Destroy The Joint that went sour. Wendy at one point seemed to be hoping that a hotline call to Jenna Price would resolve her ban from the Destroy The Joint Facebook page, although to be fair her blatant hatred of DtJ would make it unlikely they would want her back.

Nick Jenkins
Ana Morphic / Mandy Puscalino
Nidgey Widge

The Facebook profile of Wendy Stylee has been harassing, stalking, and defaming the victim publicly since September 2015. Stylee is also known to have previously posted as Wendy Styles as far back as May 2014. Styles and Stylee are the same; the anime profile image gives away the background to both accounts. This is not coincidence. Styles simply changed her name from Styles to Stylee. Nijole now has a number of fake profiles on the internet. In one Facebook profile, she sends a private message to the victim as 'Nick Jenkins', pretending to be Nijole's former partner and the father of the child pictured below. Always keen to show men in a bad light, Nijole can't resist painting herself as a victim of domestic violence and now a victim of bullying by the victim. She has Nick explain to the victim that the child is not only already traumatised from having her tonsils removed and having a Grandfather pass away and now an Uncle is diagnosed with throat cancer... the poor wee thing is also terrified of 'Daddy'. Nick (Daddy) then goes on to explain that he cares about this because the child has to attend a psychologist - having witnessed HIM (Daddy, Nick Jenkins) beating up on her mother! It was an obvious flaw, and the victim saw through it in an instant, but nevertheless Nijole has continued to use the Nick Jenkins profile for a number of horrific accusatory posts against the victim.

There is some online discussion that indicates Stylee may have changed the last letter of her profile name because the real Wendy Styles, who is a practicing psychologist in Canberra and known personally to Nijole Cork as a family friend, was reportedly being harassed as a direct result of the online behaviour of the anime Wendy. Stylee frequently refers to people as narcissistic or pathological and at times makes commentary as if she has a good understanding of psychology. She doesn't. She also has a targeted interest in Family Court matters and appears very knowledgeable on the subject of family law legislation both past and present. The real Wendy Styles works with families. The remarkable similarities between the two personalities, albeit that one of them was not real, led to the real Wendy Styles having to defend herself from serious harassment in the community. Despite knowing that, Nijole Cork continued to use Styles' name and made no attempt to clear the practitioner of suspicion. It turns out that Cork's nephew had a childhood friend who was the real Wendy Style's son. The boys regularly stayed overnight with Nijole. Why Nijole chose to target a family friend is unknown, although much of what she does seems illogical and somewhat manic.

Stylee's harassment of the victim has been varied in nature. In an attempt to ignore the bully and prevent her harassment on social commenting, The victim blocked Stylee's account and those of many of her known associates which were used to troll and harass her. Stylee continued to gain access to the victim's public and private posts through alternate accounts. Knowing that the victim could not see her comments, Stylee continued to make disparaging and vicious comments on various Facebook pages, primarily the Family Law Reform Coalition page, Senator John Madigan's page and Senator Ricky Muir's page. There were also numerous other posts and comments made about the victim, including those on the Domestic Violence Abuser Excusers page and anywhere the victim posted publicly on news articles. Stylee's harassment has not been limited to the victim and includes several others working in support or online for father's rights and male victims of domestic violence. However she has made a specific target of the victim over the past 9 months.

Investigators ran searches of Facebook to find any information about Wendy that was available from old posts she had made. From those screenshots it was established that Wendy was significantly involved in the Friends of Sole Parents organisation (Petersham, Sydney), lived in Sydney's inner west (later pinpointed to Lewisham, Sydney), and was the single parent of a young daughter. She had a history of trying to 'expose' individuals and groups and threatening legal action against anyone who stood up to her, and was personally involved in the operations of several political and activist groups. Her interests are family law, marriage and divorce, single parenting, and social science - and she vehemently despised MRA's.

The Facebook use of the name Wendy Styles had stopped by December 2015. However on Discqus (social commenting), she was still using Styles in December 2015, which was probably simply an oversight. It is likely she simply forgot to change it in her eagerness to post. A Disqus comment on an Australian website gave us her email address and IP address, and investigators followed the trail to uncover Wendy's actual identity.

Discovering the truth about Wendy Styles' identity was made easier by uploads made to the internet of raw documents that not only gave away the name of the author and owner of the computer the documents were created on, but also led investigator's to Wendy's associates in relation to a series of rallies around Australia protesting against cuts to parenting payments in 2013. The documents evidenced how the organisers of the rallies had deliberately and knowingly deceived media representatives by providing release information that was simply made up to support their cause.

The owner of the computer on which the files were created is named Nijole. One of the email addresses used to post under the name 'Wendy Styles' on an Australian website was ''. '' is also the email address associated with the Wendy Stylee Facebook account. From this information, investigators began their search, eventually uncovering an IP address, physical location, ABN report, and mobile phone registration details.

Further uploads by the same author led the team to the Facebook profile associated with Nijole - Nidgey Widge. Nidgey Widge claimed author status for a draft document that was edited by two people - 'Nijole' and 'Samantha'. It transpired that 'Samantha' is Samantha Seymour, one of the major Single Parent Action Group organisers and a driving force behind the 2013 rally campaign against parenting payment cuts.

Nijole often name-drops to gather support or to impress others in her posts. Without any apparent need to do so, she couldn't resist name-dropping her "old friend" Jamie Parker - the member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Balmain for the Greens since 2011 who also served for over 12 years on Leichhardt Council including two terms as Mayor.

All leads took investigators directly to Nijole Cork. According to her LinkedIn profile Nijole is a writer, researcher, and social change practitioner. She has a second LinkedIn profile which lists her as an Events Services Consultant and Contractor/ Media Relations. It appears that in 1999 and 2000, Nijole was an event coordinator for Fairfield City Council south-west of Sydney, New South Wales. She is currently linked to a residential address in the inner-west of Sydney, postcode 2049 (Lewisham, Petersham, and Petersham Nth).

Nijole Cork first appeared on investigator's screens through an article published in The Saturday Paper in March 2016 titled 'The Men Hijacking Family Law Reform'. It was an article denouncing the victim and several others involved in Family Law Reform meetings held at Parliament House the previous December. Nijole describes herself as a sociolgist who focuses on social justice, gender equality, family law, child support, and domestic violence issues. The publication coincided with an extreme renewed attack by the Stylee account to the above named senators (and many others across Facebook) as 'Wendy' continued to post brutal comments about the victim to various politicians and anywhere she could on social media.

Nijole's flair for blatantly lying to manipulate her position during the SPAG rallies with deliberate misinformation was again shown in her article for The Saturday Paper. In the article Wendy wrote: "Those reforms recognised that the 5 per cent or so of separating couples who use the family courts are also the most conflicted, with 84 per cent reporting domestic violence. Therefore, any decision about access to children needed to be made with child protection measures firmly in place. The remaining 95 per cent of couples manage to resolve their separation issues without accessing the courts." In fact, p67 of the Family Court of Australia Annual Report 2014-2015 advises that the proportion of final order cases in which a notice of child abuse or risk of family violence is filed is only 16 per cent. The figures have been inverted, quite obviously deliberately (16+84 = 100%).

Nijole Cork was born in 1966 to Ross Cork and Glenda Price. She has a brother Craig and a half-brother Joel. She is no one special, as much as she would like to portray herself as being someone of great knowledge and importance. As a 'researcher and writer' she is a fraud who deliberately manipulates data and information to suit her own agenda, and relies on slanderous trolling under numerous fake accounts in order to discredit her 'subjects' prior to writing about them. She relies on name-dropping and support from others to protect her from the consequences of her own vile and slanderous trolling across the internet. As the mother of a young child who will perhaps one day read these things about her parent, Nijole's behaviour recklessly spares no thought for her own offspring. Nijole is nothing more than another white female single parent who believes so deeply in her own sense of self-entitlement that she thinks her 'female privilege' exempts her from the consequences of her behaviour online.

Nijole continues her harassment under various pseudonyms to this day. The only difference is that we now know who she is, and where she is. Nijole has finally admitted to being the Wendy Stylee profile on the 17th of January 2017, and thus concedes that all of the horrendous attacks made on the MRM were her. She has also inadvertently exposed herself as being very close to the Sonia Ess profile when she copied and pasted text from a post in a secret feminist group into a message to the victim. Included in that message were comments made by some of Nijole's (and Sonia's) friends and associates, supporters, and her defenders who come from various backgrounds and include politicians, union organisers, student groups, feminist lobby groups, and sole parent groups. Specifically, Nijole pasted comments from Jitana Lyall, Michelle Taylor, Louise Collins, and Adele Welsh. Of interest is that Sonia Ess is associated with Elizabeth Cook (of the AMPP group related to Melanie Coutts), and therefore it indicates that Nijole's relationship to that particular sector (and to Melanie) is no coincidence.

Included among information obtained by investigators is a post made by Nidgey Widge advising rally participants to send their addresses by email in order to have posters and flyers printed and posted to them for dissemination in preparation for the rallies. The email address provided for this service was Jess McColl at the time (January 2013) was the Policy Adviser for Senator Rachel Siewert (Australian Greens), and later was to become the Campaign Manager ("the adviser on loan from Rachel Siewert's office") for Senator Scott Ludlam. She was credited by Ludlam as being "the best campaign manager in modern political history". It appeared that the Senator's office was resourcing the rallies with printed materials, and quite literally a free lunch and passes into Parliament House on the 5th of February. In return it would seem hundreds, if not thousands, of feminist or single parent votes in favour of the Australian Greens were likely bought and paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Among Wendy's friends and defenders, almost all of whom knew about and either publicly defended or condoned her actions, were Kate Borland, Jill Lyall, Louise Williams, Adele Welsh, Rose Ljubicic, Kate Drury, and rampant trolls Sonia Ess and Samara Riley. Given Wendy's prolific trolling, it is hard to imagine that these people were unaware of the online behaviour. In fact, it is more likely that they silently endorsed it because it served their political purposes. More information about these people will be found on the Individuals and Organisations page.