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List of Associated Individuals and Related Organisations

The following is a list of the known associates, commenters, likers, and defenders of our primary trolls, and other people in their close circles. Not all of these people are directly involved in the abuse but their inclusion on this list provides a directory of people to avoid or to watch out for should they appear again. The list is not exhaustive, and will continue to be updated from our records over the next few weeks. For most of these people, their abuse was secondary re-victimisation. As they came in to defend their troll friends, they too took part in the attack. It was discovered very early on that our trolls gathered in 'clusters' or factions that tended to inhabit many of the same social groups online. They were often interconnected through one or two popular profiles. This is the animal-like 'herd' mentality and behaviour that worked so well when feminist mass-reporting of social media profiles occurred from time to time online. In most cases, all of these people would have been so closely aligned with one or more of the trolls that they could not fail to have noticed it happening. Nevertheless, they condoned it and none stepped in to prevent the cyberattacks or spoke up to rebuke it. Even when the abuse reached unprecedented pinnacles of deliberate cruelty many of these people simply sat back and allowed it - or worse, defended it. In most instances, these people consider themselves to be defenders of women, and yet they had no hesitation in allowing this behaviour to continue. These women are traitors to their own ideology of the unconditional protection of women from violence. Jasmin's politics should not have made her a victim to them. No one should be a victim of this behaviour. These drones are a classic example of the toxicity of feminists and feminism altogether.

This page will continue to be updated as time allows; it is not an exhaustive list of offenders. If you are an individual or organisation listed here and you don't think you should be, you may request edit or corrections to the information on this page using this email address: You will need to provide a working email address, telephone number where you can be contacted during the day, and a scanned pdf of your current photo identification or on the letterhead of your organisation. If you have information that you feel should be added to this page, please send it to, along with your evidence supporting the information you are providing.