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UPDATE: The victim has been successful in obtaining an Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO) against Melanie Coutts (Hamilton) in relation to harrassment and intimidation via the DVAE Facebook page. This is great news and signals a change in attitude towards online bullies.


These files outline the history of the cyber-attacks on the victim (and others over the years) by a group of people who created and maintained a Facebook page titled Domestic Violence Abuser Excusers ('DVAE').

Strongly connected through a series of networks, it quickly became apparent as the investigative team dug deeper that there were a large group of people who were aware of the cyberbullying and either supported it directly, or indirectly condoned it. The motives for all of these people and their various organisations are different, but for each of them it seems that there was something to gain by attacking or ignoring/condoning attacks on a core group of individuals within the Men's Movement in Australia to discredit them politically, professionally, and personally. The victim came to the fore when it became obvious that she had an ability to bring to the political table a credible discussion in terms of the rapidly diminishing rights of Australian men and fathers.

There have been no less than three versions of the original DVAE Facebook page. Each time it has been taken down, it has resurfaced. At the time of writing this, it had no likes and no followers. The creator of the third version appears to have been deserted by its previous supporters, and left to wither alone under the glare of an expose page 'Domestic Violence Abuser Excusers - Exposed' ('DVAE-E'). It should be remembered that the original DVAE proposed to be a page that is against violence, especially violence against women. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The page in its present form seems to be little more than a project for a group of people to use as a battering ram in a serious attack on the victim both personally and professionally. She was visited at night by prowlers at her home. Her children, family, and ex-husband were drawn into the fray and there was nothing she could do to take away their concerns that they too might become victims. The attack was so intense and so prolonged that it inflicted (deliberately) emotional harm to the victim, who has had difficulty sleeping, is unable to enjoy her work without constant interruption and worry, and at times has been forced to leave Australia to find brief respite from the relentless online harassment. As a single parent herself, it is difficult to see how campaigners for the cessation of violence against women and mothers could undertake such a brutal onslaught that would have been destined from the outset to cause immense distress to the victim.

The two primary protagonists stalking the victim seemed to be Annabelle Jones and Wendy Stylee. Neither were really who they said they were.

It transpired that Annabelle Jones had a history of online violence that spanned almost a decade, for which she had been named in an attempt at a lawsuit to prevent her behaviour in March 2013. She links to and is associated with the American/Australian Mothers Political Party ('AMPP'), a group instigated by Claudine Dombrowski in the United States after a falling-out with a network of people who served to advocate for mothers and their children in custody and child protection cases in the Courts. Claudine and a number of others, including Annabelle (her real name was cited), were named as having been involved in making "defamatory, libelous, and slanderous" statements during a dedicated stalking campaign on an American journalist, and on the co-founder of the Protective Mothers Alliance International - Janice Levinson. Members of the group were also said to have been involved in making death threats as a result of the victim's determination to see the behaviour brought before the Court. Annabelle later attempted to have her name removed from the internet where it was associated with the case, however it was not possible and a wide trail of information leading back to her still exists today. Many of the comments and allegations made by Annabelle in the present case were quite clearly untrue, and blatantly designed to cause trouble for the victim.

Wendy Stylee's history was different; her motive was for the most part political. Wendy is heavily aligned with feminist networks and lobbyists in favour of mothers (primarily single mothers), and domestic violence campaigning. Wendy was a key player in national rallies around Australia to voice concerns over the cuts to social benefit payments for single parents. Like Annabelle, Wendy had no difficulty in lying about the victim anywhere and to anyone who would listen in order to bring about an eventual forced withdrawal from the fight for the men of Australia.

The two women were travelling along the same river, but paddling quite different canoes.

It appeared that DVAE also had ties through its posts, supporters, and regular commenters to a page operating as Destroy the Joint, which the victim and her friends had outed as being statistically and intellectually dishonest through their own page, Destroy the Narrative. That is likely to be partly the motive for the underlying hatred of her by her detractors, alongside the victim's heavy involvement in Family Law reform.

It is the intention of this site as it evolves to investigate and publish the findings of the identities and where possible the motives of these interconnected networks of individuals and organisations. What began as a simple matter of identifying two or three cyberbullies very quickly grew to be a full investigation into a political mystery tour that unveiled many well-known lobbyists, union organisers, funded and volunteer community organisations, and political offices.

While this website simply tells a story there are a number of files evidencing the information relayed to you, the reader. Those screenshots and files are far too many to upload, and exist (in several backups) to ensure that if challenged, sufficient evidence of the truth of the story can be produced. Our team of investigators has no desire to harm anyone by the dissemination of this material, and the site exists solely as information imparted to the public, in the public interest, and in the interests of political transparency.

This site went live on 24 June, 2016.