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UPDATE: The victim has been successful in obtaining an Apprehended Personal Violence Order (APVO) against Melanie Coutts (Hamilton) in relation to harrassment and intimidation via the DVAE Facebook page. This is great news and signals a change in attitude towards online bullies. In the meantime, both Melanie Coutts and Nijole Cork are doing everything they can think of to have the information posted on this site taken down to prevent anyone from finding out about their behaviours. Nijole has attempted to take action via an online internet safety group, a complaint was made to the host, a complaint was listed with Google, and Melanie has issued a Concerns Notice pursuant to Section 14 of the QLD Defamation Act 2005 in relation to our report regarding a notice posted on Bill Windsor's blog about her. Their efforts aren't working however, and we're still watching for more activity to report.
We are led to understand that Melanie and Fiona, primarily but not always acting without assistance from others, may have obtained by deception the personal information of a number of people, and then used that information against those people later or used it for pecuniary or other personal gain. More people are coming forward to tell their stories of victimisation at the hands of the AMPP and AUMPP. Will you be one of them? Feel free to contact us at We're now actively seeking information that will lead to the successful criminal prosecution of these women, and we would appreciate hearing from any person prepared to give evidence on oath or affirmation against them.

Annabelle Jones

Annabelle Jones is a fictitious online name used by Australian woman Melanie Coutts. She is alternately known as Melanie Shambat (married name), Melanie Hamilton (married name), and Melanie Smith (pseudonym). She is an Australian woman with many years of history in family law debates over shared parenting, and has made numerous attacks on individuals, authorities, Court reporters, and organisations who seek equal parenting rights between mothers and fathers. She is affiliated with American groups and individuals, and has been expressly named before in cease and desist notices in the lead-up to international legal action. The facebook profile image she uses is not her.

Domestic Violence Abuser Excusers - the Facebook page

DVAE's first post seems to have been on the 28th of September 2015. An administrator (owner and/or moderator) of the page, Annabelle Jones, took exception to a comment made by a person (who is irrelevant to the present case but also a victim of the cyber-attack) on a Daily Life DV post on Facebook. DVAE later pointed out the victim as holding similar views and began to attack Jasmin and anyone associated with her. Just a few days prior to this, Annabelle had been posting hateful posts attacking Jasmin on a number of other pages around Facebook. Jasmin was not Annabelle's only target, and she regularly abused other people associated with her. The second post the page made was on the 8th of October 2015 when DVAE turned its attention to Destroy The Joint's rival page, Destroy The Narrative. It's safe to say the DVAE page actually got going in early October 2015.

At the time, Annabelle's profile was private and was not open to the public. There is no evidence to suggest that she wasn't using the pseudonym of Annabelle Jones long before the attack on Jasmin began, because there are others online responding to her by profile name at earlier dates. This suggests that the profile was active well prior to the attack. Having said that, there was no evidence that Annabelle Jones was or had ever been a real person.

Annabelle Jones did not personally post on DVAE, but she inadvertently left her own profile shown in a comment that she took a screenshot of and reposted to her page. It was a fatal mistake that told investigators that she was an administrator of the page. It was impossible that her profile name could be shown on the screenshot, other than through being an administrator.

Annabelle Jones set out to make friends with a local woman, Kerryn Wood, who was a personal friend and former business associate of the victim. Kerryn didn't know Annabelle to look at (and therefore was not an actual acquaintance, but merely a Facebook contact) until January 2016 when Annabelle posted a photograph of a pretty smiling blonde woman as a profile picture. The photo was not real, but Annabelle had fooled Kerryn and several others who were naive enough to think that everyone they might meet online is who they say they are. Kerryn works a day job at a marine centre and moonlights selling sex toys at parties; she was vulnerable to pressure, and had her own axe to grind with Jasmin. Kerryn fed Annabelle information about Jasmin, her children, and her extended family, and Annabelle used that information to terrorise her target. Kerryn later told Jasmin that she simply didn't care if the information or the page itself was harmful or hurtful to Jasmin. She shrugged it off as though her part to play had no bearing on the distress Jasmin was exposed to.

'Expose the Truth about the Family Law Web Guide'

On April 1, 2009, Annabelle Jones was described as a 'researcher' for the 'Expose the Truth about the Family Law Web Guide' blog team, in an article/interview written by Anonymum and posted to Scribd. Annabelle was quoted to say "We have been around for over a year now". This would put Annabelle's activity at prior to April 2008, and it led investigators to the website which had been established in July 2008.

In July 2008, the website titled 'Exposing the Untold Truths of Family Law WebGuide' had been registered. The stated mission at was to "comment on the sham website and the injustices that they commit, the lies they tell and to correct the misleading statements they perpetuate." The website's first post was in July 2008, and its last was in April 2011. The primary author uses the pseudonym 'Phoenix'. This website is the one referred to by Annabelle Jones in her 'interview' with Anonymum, and is part of a series of blogs and profiles on the internet pertaining to family law reform and advocacy networks, some of which also appear to have been created to doxx it's targets.


On the 24th of October 2008, the domain address was registered, according to WhoIs Domain Registration records. The website was the host for a blog which was created on the platform 'Blogger' and titled The Anonymums. The domain has since lapsed, and the blog does not appear to be actively used any longer. While the WhoIs domain registry details tell us the date it was registered, the domain's owner (registered owner) is not publicly listed. The domain was host to the blogger accounts webpages however, so pages at Blogger (blogspot) redirect to the equivalent address as a custom domain. The blog still exists today.

A link at the lower right of the page of the blog links to cafepress, an online shop where anyone can create their own designed tee-shirts, mugs, and other accessories for sale to the public. The Anonymums product designer is Melanie Shambat.

On December 15, 2008, Anonymum published a petition titled 'Leave them alone: she is protecting her children'. The first signature was Anonymum, the 2nd signature was Randi James (known associate of Claudine Dombrowski), the 3rd signature was Mrs Melanie Shambat, and the 11th and 25th signatures were both from Mr Ilya Shambat. This information links the Shambat's to Anonymums, which in turn is linked to Annabelle Jones. Other notable signatures are Sonia Smith, Elizabeth Cook, Marney McDonald, Charles Pragnell and Kelly Burger. This petition places association with Annabelle Jones and the Anonymums at a very early stage in this history for all of these people. They still associate now.

On the 3rd of January 2009, several IP addresses were captured by a Canadian blogger. Screenshots of these have been stored. They were attributed to Anonymums.

Twitter, Anonymums, and Annabelle Jones

In January 2009, a Twitter account was created for a user 'anonymums' with the username @anonymums. This account made 10 posts (tweets) on 3 November 2009 with domestic violence spam, then announced that "It is with regret that we announce this sad notice. Anonymums has passed on." From then until 2012, the account was used solely for spam. In June 2009, Annabelle Jones created a Twitter account with the username @annabellejones. The last post made on the account was on 5th October 2009. The account in total made only four posts. In September 2009 a Twitter account was created for a user 'anonymums' with the username @_Anonymum. The account made 13 posts identical to the first anonymums Twitter account, before posting "Anonymums has passed on. We are all mourning her loss and remembering her inspiration and strength that she brought to mothers". Following this tweet, the account reverted to spam.

Both Anonymums accounts follow and in return are followed by Annabelle Jones. The accounts also follow Claudine Dombrowski and Petunia Pigg (Claudine's pseudonym).

Anonymums also re-published material by Dr Elspeth McInnes, a Lecturer at the University of South Australia, Convenor of the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children and a member of the ACOSS Executive. Dr McInnes is also a member of the expert panel at along with Charles Pragnell and Freda Briggs. McInnes was closely followed by Melanie Shambat and her husband, Anonymums, and the real identity of associated troller Wendy Styles - their names appear as signatures on a petition launched by Australian child protection campaigner Barbara Biggs which sought to amend custody, access and shared care of Australian children following divorce where there is an allegation of violence or abuse by a parent.. Charles Pragnell appears on most of the friend lists of the current troll network on Facebook.

In 2010, a YouTube account was created for user Anonymums, which hosts a number of videos relating to family law and shared parenting.

Protective Parents Association International

In November 2009, a Facebook group was created entitled 'Protective Parents Association International'. That Facebook group currently (2016) has only two members: Ilya Shambat and one other who is hidden from view or since deleted. It's second post was made by an American woman by the name of Claudine Dombrowski, discussed below and elsewhere in these files. Her involvement, and the background of the group is clear from her post: "Onward ho!! Muuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!". The Shambat's had begun their association with Claudine Dombrowski sitting dangerously near the helm.

Protective Mothers Alliance

From the PMA website:

"Protective Mothers Alliance International (PMA INTL.) is a (sic) international protective mother-driven organization that includes a global network of like-minded organizations working as a team for positive change. Protective Mothers Alliance International (PMA) is co founded by Lundy Bancroft and Janice Levinson, with Janice Levinson as Executive Director. The PMA INTL family consists of protective mother-driven advocates working together as a tight team for change. PMA INTL is working toward bringing about dramatic reform in family court for protective mothers and their children."

In October 2009, a letter was written to the Committee Secretary for the Senate Community Affairs References Committee by the Protective Mothers Alliance International ('PMA') based in Epping, Victoria (Australia). The letter was signed by Melanie Shambat as the Australian Director of the PMA.

Between 2009 and 2013, an internal dynamic was threatening to destroy the work of PMA. Lundy Bancroft, a key figure and co-founder of PMA wrote about the rift at the time:

"I have been following the claims that have been made about PMA and about Janice; specifically, I have had the opportunity to review communications that have been shared between Janice and other individuals, and to see some of the extremely negative postings that have been made. In my opinion, the attacks that have been made on Janice and on PMA have to be called out for what they are: vicious, dishonest, threatening, and dehumanizing written assaults on a committed advocate and survivor, one who has worked tirelessly for the interests and rights of protective mothers and their children.

There are a number of sources of these attacks, but they come overwhelmingly from Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party (AMPP). I am not relying on Janice's word in forming this conclusion; I have looked at many postings by Claudine and AMPP, and they are cruel, irresponsible, and outrageous. And they don't stop; in fact, they're getting worse over time. Moreover, Claudine and AMPP have begun to attack a significant number of other protective mothers and their allies as well, with similar viciousness. The predictable effect of the movement's reluctance to denounce this behavior is that it is growing and spreading...

I have waited some four years to take these steps, but now I regret that I waited so long. We cannot fight against the power and actions of abusers, and of the courts that enable them, while we remain silent and acquiescent in the face of severely abusive of treatment of our own allies."

Where once the PMA had international allies, its borders were threatened by a pervasive new behaviour in the form of stalking, harassment, threats, and defamation. Those threats tore at the heart of the movement, and its members took sides in battle. Melanie Shambat and her husband Ilya sided with Claudine Dombrowski and the American Mothers Political Party, and Melanie ceased to align herself with the PMA. The nightmare would not be over for Janice and the PMA until 2013. Claudine Dombrowski appears on the friends lists of many of the current trolls on Facebook.

Australian/American Mothers Political Party

In December 2010, the American Mothers Political Party ('AMPP') held its annual Battered Mothers Custody Conference. Many of the names of the speakers are well-known in the present case as associates of the current stalkers and trolls of the victim. Melanie Smith "from Australia" was the speaker in respect of the Shared Parenting Law Debate which was raging in Australia at the time and was a current strong topic in Family Law Reform circles. According to her profile at the shared parenting law debate's blog, "Melanie is a researcher and writer for the shared parenting debate. She is an advocate against family violence in court proceedings."

The founder of the AMPP is Claudine Dombrowski, a self-proclaimed Domestic Violence 'expert', who has herself been charged (and convicted) of stalking and harassment online. Both Annabelle Jones and Ilya Shambat are on her friends list on Facebook, along with a number of other Australian women.

On March 6, 2013, Bill Windsor (USA) posted a notice on his blog requesting "corrections and retractions to defamation, libel, and slander from Allie Overstreet and others." Claudine Dombrowski, Melanie Smith, Melanie Shambat, and Melanie Coutts were all separately and expressly named in the notice.

On September 5th,2014, a user with the initials 'G.C.' posted online a comment that read: "I hope this is not Melanie Coutts aka Melanie Smith aka Melain (sic) Shambat of the Australian Mothers Political Party (AUMPP). There are only two members of AUMPP-Mel and her husband." G.C. went on to say "They are abusers hiding in the family court reform movement..and like I said, had three separate criminal charges filed against them by 3 separate individuals for stalking, defamation, harassment and even death threats." It is unknown who 'G.C.' is, but it is known that Bill Windsor filed a notice to cease and desist not only against Claudine Dombrowski, but also naming Melanie Coutts who in February 2013 tried (unsuccessfully) to have her name redacted from information posted online about Windsor's allegations. She tried to deliberately distance herself from involvement with Claudine and her AMPP, and began to insist that she in fact was the victim. This exact behaviour has occurred in the current case, and Melanie has claimed that it is actually Jasmin who is stalking and bullying her. As they say, leopards don't change their spots and trolls don't change their behaviour.

After considerable searching, and having obtained the above information that had been sent to us, we ascertained that in fact 'Annabelle Jones' was a pseudonym of a woman by the name of Melanie Coutts, whose married names include Melanie Shambat and Melanie Hamilton, and who also goes by the name Melanie Smith.

Melanie Coutts ('Melanie Shambat', 'Melanie Smith', 'Melanie Hamilton')

Melanie Natasha Rose Coutts had a history in backyard sham advocacy, shameless unwarranted self-promotion, a bias against fathers in custody disputes, and horrendous blog design skills. A photograph of Melanie Smith from the website of the AMPP, alongside various photographs of Melanie Shambat and Melanie Coutts, shown them to be the same person. Melanie Smith's photograph is also shown on the website of the Australian Shared Parenting Law Debate blog. In a recent judgement of the Magistrates Court in Sydney, Melanie Coutts admitted under oath that she was in fact the person behind fake persona's 'Samantha Gratwick' and 'Patrick Yewen'. She is likely to also be 'Ella Butler'.

Melanie Coutts (see Myspace account) was married in 2006 to Russian-born Ilya Shambat (see Myspace account), who writes his history on his personal blog of poetry giving us insight into the history of the couple:

"I came to USA from Soviet Union at age 12, and at age 18 finished University of Virginia. In my adult life I worked in software industry, traveled around America, studied different conceptual systems, translated a large body of Russian poetry, worked and volunteered in a variety of capacities, published a poetry book called Poems to Julia and wrote significant amounts of essays and poetry on different themes. In October 2006 I moved to Australia to marry Melanie Coutts, and on July 25, 2007, Melanie gave birth to an amazing little girl named Li****n Shambat."

Ilya and Melanie had published a poetry book together, which is currently available for sale at Amazon. They include the manner in which they found each other, and how Ilya came to be living in Australia. Melanie Shambat is identified therefore as Melanie Coutts, and information obtained from her ABN file shows her to be Melanie Natasha Coutts. When Melanie and Ilya married in October 2006, they lived in Epping, VIC. Epping is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. it is unclear whether Melanie knew that Ilya had been booked on charges of aggravated assault on a police officer, loitering and resisting arrest in 2000 following complaints of a man masturbating in a campus library in Arizona. Ilya was later to become a guest author at XY Online, a pro-feminist website created by Michael Flood.

Melanie Coutts moved from Melbourne to Townsville, and currently resides with her new husband Malcolm ('Mal') Hamilton, having married him in 2014. Mal is a tour guide with a local adventure tourism operation, and Melanie is an artist. Her LinkedIn account is open as at 13/7/2016. She currently resides in Picnic Bay, Magnetic Island, QLD 4819. Her telephone number is listed on the internet alongside her business details, as is her email address. Her ABN is public information, and her info/resume is open to the public as at 13/7/2016.

Evidential Identifiers

Following are two forms of identifier for law enforcement purposes. Please note that these are no longer current, however they can be tracked by law enforcement agencies.
Email Address and Telephone Number
Post Office Box and Email Address

The people named in this statement have an active circle clearly established on Facebook and in other profiles on the internet. They create groups and profiles attempting to give the impression they are credible and professional hunters of paedophiles, and advocates for family law reform and mothers battling to estrange their children from abusive fathers. In truth, some of them are mentally unstable, and abusers themselves. The primary group and contacts common to almost all of the profiles are:

Melanie Hamilton (Coutts/Shambat/Smith), Claudine Dombrowski (actual person), Ella Butler, Patrick Yewen, Jane Collins, Lydia Lorenz (actual person, identified), Annabelle Jones (pseudonym), Ilya Shambat (actual person, identified), Anny Carer, Dania Justice, Kerryn Wood (actual person, identified), Penny Willcocks (actual person, real spelling Wilcox), Samantha Gratwick (Melanie Coutts confessed to being Gratwick), Elizabeth Cook, Marney McDonald, Vickie Gribbon (actual person, identified - USA), Christina Mulligan, Derryn Hinch (actual person, identified, Wayne Kilowsky, Di Tuffin (actual person, identified), Tony Tonkin (actual person, identified), Marney Macdonald, Charles Pragnell (actual person, identified), Rebecca Richards, Amanda Gabriel Prosser (actual person, identified), Scott Button, Pete Buaca, Hope McGregor.

Only Annabelle Jones (Melanie Coutts/Shambat/Smith/Hamilton) has been positively identified as perpetrating the abuse on the victim, although she is in possession of information that could only have been provided to her by Jasmin's former friend, Kerryn Wood. We know however that many of the other contacts operate under false profiles as well as their own, and it is understood that any or all of these could be the secondary abusers (Jasmin's stalkers) who will be identified elsewhere in these files.